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Q3: Who Rates the software?

Any individual who has had experience with an application may rate it. We do ask that you rate it only once. Please be honest with your comments. Many of the companies do receive monthly copies of all the comments (names and e-mail addresses are NOT included.) This is your opportunity to help the developers improve their software

Q4: Why should I rate software?

Who better to rate software then you and your peers?
By rating an application you become a part of making that application better. Your comments may be the turning point for some developers to add or modify their applications.

Q5: What do if the software is not listed by Ratings.org?

Congratulations! it means you can sponsor the application. Just find the information as required on the add software page and you have become a Team Ratings.org Member.

Q6: How do I add software? 

Adding software is simple. Ratings.org has a simple to use form for adding software. Make sure before you add to our database you know the following things:
Operating System, Category (we give you a drop down menu system), Software Name, Version Software Description, Company, Company Website, Software Location (Its best to use an FTP site located at the company if they have one), Sponsor (Your name), Sponsors Email (this is kept confidential to the public, we use it to send you Team Ratings.org updates.

Q7: Who supports Ratings.org? 

As of now we are using a Storage Computers RAID 7 system to house the databases. Internal to the RAID 7 system is 32 Gigs of Seagate Hard Drives which have been donated by Seagate. We need the financial support of corporations to continue building services to Ratings.org. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor may contact webmaster@ratings.org
for more information.

Q8: What's a Team Ratings Member? 

A Team Ratings.org Member is anyone who wants to participate in helping the Internet become a more useful tool for everyone. To become a Team Ratings.org Member just add a software title to our databases, make sure you fill out the form with your name and e-mail address. For each title you enter, you receive valuable Ratings.org points. Team Ratings.org Member benefits include contest prizes, Ratings.org updates and more. Make sure you join the team today. 

Q9: How many software titles can I add? 

There is no limit to how many programs you can add. Please remember only add current to semi-current tittles. (DOS 1.0 will not be accepted into our databases)

Q10: What happens to old software titles? 

As time goes on many programs are updated. That's why we include the version number. All software is kept in our data bases for a minimum of one year, or unless several upgrades have been made. Some programs like operating systems may stay in the active database for a relatively long time. A secondary archival database will be introduced after our first operational year. 

Q11: What if I made a mistake in my software entry? 

We will soon add a preview screen for you to approve before the data is sent to our databases. This will be your last chance to make changes. If you find that you have made a mistake in an entry, simple write the webmaster@ratings.org
with the changes you want to make. We'll take care of the rest.

Q12: Can I advertise on Ratings.org? Can I select specific application to have my advertisement on? 
Yes. Rating.org accepts Advertising on Ratings.org. You can select a specific application, company or category. A rate card will be on-line soon.

Q13: How much does it cost to advertise on Ratings.org? 

A Rate card will be on-line shortly.

Q14: How can the public add to the categories? 

Yes. Soon there will be a form to add new categories. If we receive at least 100 votes for a new category, as well as 10 category questions from the public, it will be added.

Q15: How can the public change the 10 questions for specific applications? 

Yes, Soon there will be a form that will be available to alter a set of questions for specific application. After the alterations are made there will be two sets of databases for each application for a short time. 

Q16: How often is the data on Ratings.org updated? 

Its as REAL TIME as Ratings.org can handle. 

Q17: How do you stop people from flooding all 10's or all 0's for a specific title? 

We have written a set of programs that stops people from spoofing our databases. Please remember this is a public utility for the use of all. We'd appreciate your cooperation

Q18: How do companies get copies of the comments that don't include the names of the individual who left them?

Companies who wish to receive the full list of comments that don't include the names of the individual who left them can purchase the list on a quarterly basis. The comments are sent to the company on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Q19: Do we have any guarantee or assurance that the e-mail addresses of the web Voter will remain private, and that we won't have unsolicited e-mail sent to us? 

The e-mail list of Team Ratings.org is kept extremely confidential. The sole reason Ratings.org keeps the list is to keep you, our team members up to date. Period. 

Q20: What will happen to the comments I give? 

The comments are compiled into marketing information and sold to the software developers. So what happens is people who need to read the information get to read it. Pretty Cool, eh!

Q21: Will Ratings.org have a search engine of the comments? 

Yes. In a relatively short time Ratings.org will have an intelligent search engine to help you find a program you need. So lets say you want a graphic program that takes video images and rotoscopes them. Ratings.org Comments Search engine will tell you the programs that can do it on your operating system and perhaps other operating systems should you ask.

Q22: How many hits a day can Ratings.org handle? 

Currently we can handle about two million hits a day. We are currently running on an Intel Platform. We are always considering sponsorship from one of the big boys.

Q23: Do you allow adult related materials to be rated? 


Q24: Why can't I download the software from Ratings.org? 

We will add this feature as sponsorships continue to grow.

Q25: I like your service so far. Is there anything I can do to show my appreciation?? 

Yes. Spread the word about this service. One way is to add a link from your site. If you would like an Ratings.org icon for you site Click for details.

Q26: Can I have a say in what Ratings.org does in the future?? 

You sure can. Our system continues to add new features because of your needs. 

Q27: What future plans does Ratings.org have?? 

Addition of an intelligent search engine. Hardware Ratings System, CD ROM Titles Reviews and more.

Q28: Can you tell me more the hardware and software you use for Ratings.org? 

Do you really care? 

Q29: Can I purchase data regarding the comments of a specific application? 

Yes. If you are interested in purchasing the comments for a specific application or wish to purchase sole rights for comments for a single application or a series of applications contact via e-mail sales@ratings.org

Q30: Why can't I click on the software title and see manufacturers ad of what the program does?? 

You will! Each manufacturer has the opportunity to place an add for a very modest cost in our database. This helps offset the the cost of hardware and software we must have to provide the service for free. If you don't see the software name as a clickable link, it means they have not yet become an active sponsor of Ratings.org.