Why do people say that Soundcloud is a good place for starters? This is because Soundcloud encourages young talent to come and promote their talent in front of the world. New artists and musicians are very lucky in the present scenario. They have got the platform that was not available for others. Before the invention of latest technology, artists use to struggle a lot. They had no platform to use for promoting their talent. They always have to choose that hard and long path in order to be successful. But now things are very different. Advancements in technology have made things very convenient for people. Now they know exactly how to make themselves popular and successful. Advancements in technology have made things so easy. So what is the best soundcloud promotion you can buy? Let us chck that for you!

As Soundcloud developed a great community, new premium services shown up. One of them is soundcloud promotions that offers premium promotion of Soundcloud music. One way to get ranked better on various charts is to purchase followers for Soundcloud.

Now people can use different tactics and strategies in order to achieve their desired goals and objectives. Now young talent has a large pool of opportunities that they can use to be what they want and to achieve the desired outcomes. We know a number of people who used these opportunities in order to promote their talent. Even in the music industry, we know a lot of people who actually worked day and night to prove their talent to the world. In the music industry, Soundcloud is the best place where you can promote your talent in the best possible way. Soundcloud is an online platform that gives different opportunity for new talent. Also this system has various exciting features that …

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5.0Sonic and the Black KnightI can’t help it. I feel like a squishy joyful child whenever I get to unwrap a new Sonic The Hedgehog game. Although a note of mounting despair at the last decade or so of disappointment always accompanies the sound of crumpling cellophane, I still remember the good old days. And dare to dream.

Sonic And The Black Night is even worse than recent festival of disillusion Sonic Unleashed.

To be fair, it makes a few long overdue decisions that Sonic Team should be given credit for. It’s fast, which is always nice. And there’s no emphasis on rubbish new characters that change the style of play. Considering that previous 3D Sonic titles thought it was alright to make us play a fishing game between levels, this is a blessing. You get to play as Knuckles, or the barely tolerable Shadow, later in the game but it’s all pacey run-to-the-end fun. The art style in the cut-scenes is impressive too: a sketchy, hand-inked look reminiscent of Okami without quite the flair.

This is not enough.

The game stubbornly refuses to learn lessons from its predecessors. Last year’s Sonic Unleashed made 3D sonic games look almost like a good idea. Despite their briefness, the few ‘day’ levels on offer were amazing fun. Sonic And The Black Night keeps the driving-game camera angle but removes all of the freedom. Holding forwards auto-steers sonic around any corner, so the only challenge comes from timing jumps. And flailing the wii remote as you try to work out why they gave Sonic a sword. It’s sort of fun, when it works. But because the auto-steered movement works on a largely 2D plane, you can’t even strafe around enemies. If you miss your first attack, you’re a few clumsy seconds of …

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8.0Plants vs. ZombiesTower defense is a genre generally exclusive to real-time strategy custom maps. It generally requires placing towers, or turrets in specified places to prevent NPC hordes from reaching a certain point.

Popcap Games has released it’s own tower defense game with a unique take on the zombie game genre. Generally zombie themed games are cinematic and epic in feel, inspired usually by George Romero movies and 28 Days Later.

The difference in this game is that it’s really tooney, and generally very silly.

The goal of the game is to prevent an assortment of the community zombies from getting to your house by planting different types of plants in your gridded out yard. Each level of course gets more difficult, but at the end of every level you get a new type of plant card to use, often being a signal of the next level’s theme.

The setting varies from level to level. You face the undead hordes night and day from zones ranging from the average front yard, the backyard with a pool (where you can use aqua themed plants and regular plants via lily pad), to the roof of the house.

The zombies themselves range from regulars, to football players and scuba divers. There’s a vast assortment and I don’t want to ruin any surprises but a lot of them show up for hilarious results.

The plant weaponry featured in the game is also expansive. Exploding tomatoes, three headed pea-shooters and potato walls are what can commonly be seen in the game.

The game modes also have a very large range, as you progress through the game you unlock a plethora of mini games and side missions that can be complete for additional money. Money in PvZ allows you purchase items from the back of Crazy …

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9.0Street Fighter IVThis game is Capcom’s awaited revival to the Street Fighter series. While it’s been out in Japan in arcades throughout 2008 it was released here in 2009 on home consoles.

It’s been a long wait since Street Fighter 3, the titular game’s predecessor. So long in fact that a lot of people haven’t heard much out of the series besides Capcom crossovers (SNK/Marvel/Tatsunoko/Namco). What doesn’t help is the fact that the original SF3 was released predominantly on Sega’s failed Dreamcast.

Yet, Street Fighter 4 is finally here!

To start with, the game takes advantage of Xbox Live so you fight against your friends, or with random people in ranked or non-ranked battles. The lag is mostly tolerable if you’re on a decent connection and are playing against people in your same region.

Characters from the previous Street Fighter 2 are all playable. This includes the bosses that weren’t available in the early SF2 releases. There are several new playable characters:

Abel-A French MMA Fighter.
Rufus-An American Kung-Fu fighter with a fat body.
El Fuerte-An Agile Mexican masked fighter.
C.Viper-An American spy with technology based energy manipulation.

Gouken, Ken and Ryu’s master is also a unlockable playable secret character in the home version, as well as the boss of the game, Seth.

Gameplay for the game is similar to gameplay in the later versions of SF2, but some key alterations. Super moves return, as well as EX moves; powered up specials that can be executed by pressing two of the related buttons during a command, for example, Quarter Circle Forward H.Punch/M.Punch as Ryu would do a a powered up Hadouken. Also, there is an addition of Ultra moves that can be used with the separate Revenge Meter is built up, which is generally through taking and receiving damage.

In …

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8.0Super Smash Bros. BrawlThe long awaited sequel to Nintendo’s beat em’ up franchise! Originally announced as a release game for the Nintendo Wii, the game was delayed until a few months after the intended release.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) adds a huge roster of characters from previous games. Including, for the first time in SSB History, 3rd Party characters. Sonic (SEGA) and Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid series) enter the slew to battle it up with other newcomers like Pit (Kid Icarus) Meta-Knight (Kirby) and Captain Olimar (Pikmin). There’s a slew of unlockable characters that can be unlocked via certain conditions, or in the game’s adventure mode.

SSBB features a new adventure mode called the Subspace Emissary. Basically it’s a side-scroller but you retain all your characters moves. Just like in a normal game you have items at your disposal, but unlike in a normal game there are many various non-playable characters you have to face off against. The bosses are generally either exclusive to the SSB universe, or they’re taken from other Nintendo games.

Combat wise the game hasn’t changed a whole lot, you still beat percentages of damage into your enemies to KO them off the screen for a win. Yes, you can still fight with up to four players with several different game modes including HP Battle (You lose a life when your percentage reaches 0) Coin Battle (You collect coins to a certain amount by damaging your enemies) as well as many other game types.

The game introduces new Super-Move type attacks called Final Smashes. Unlike many fighting games where you can discharge a super-move after giving/receiving a certain amount of damage, in this game you have to beat up on an item called a Smash Ball. Once you do this you get a slight …

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1.0Grand Theft Auto IVBy God, is it possible to rate a game lower than 1? If only it would be, GTA 4 would be THE game to get that score. Never in my life did I regret paying for a game more than I did in the case of GTA 4, read on and you’ll find out why.
We’re all familiar with GTA, and to be hones I’ve loved the game since its first incarnation when it wasn’t all that popular yet. I loved driving around town with a cab pretending I’m a cab driver. Well, things have changed since then, and I’m not just talking about me really being able to be a cab driver in the game. Rockstar got us all hyped about the new GTA, and since they dubbed it 4 they see it obviously as the new generation of GTA, while I thought Vice City was 4 yet it turned out Vice City and San Andreas were just better incarnations of GTA 3. Well, GTA 3 was something special in its time and by all means deserved to be called not just the next gen GTA back then, but the next gen game. GTA 2 wasn’t anything better than GTA 1, so I’m starting to think these days the REAL next gen GTA will be GTA 5. Anyway, GTA 4 is something like GTA 2 was to GTA 1: nothing new, maybe even worse. On to the details:

HOLY CRAP!!! The install is veeeery annoying! First of all it installs not only the game but GTA social club, Windows Live, the new framework… Now I could live with the framework, and with Windows Live if it has to be, but GTA SC??? That’s like saying to a kid he has to buy your car in …

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9.0Halo WarsI bought halo wars today and I was having doubts about buying it. lots of my friends were saying it was rubbish and some where saying it good. well what can I say? it is fabulous.

nothing like halo 3, halo wars focuses on you being the commander and making your armies from a base and commanding them on what to do and where to go.

xbox live, what can I say brilliant! No more comment. it’s like the campaign but human versus human, if you like controlling things halo wars is the game for you!!!Dongle1232009-03-03…

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8.7Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceI don’t like Final Fantasy too much, and even the games I do like tend to conflict with the majority (FFVII was terrible, FFVIII was actually better in my opinion). I don’t even know what sparked me to purchase this game, but I’m glad I did. It’s probably the best game I’ve ever played or will play on the GBA.

You take on the time honored role of INSERT NAME HERE, default Marche, as the rosy cheeked blonde new resident of the snowy town of St. Ivalace. After a much-too-long opening complete with a snowball combat tutorial, the town of St. Ivalace turns into the desert-oasis nation of Ivalace, filled with intimidating, reptilian Bangaa, rabbit like vixens called Vierra, teddy-bearesque Moogles and the frail but magically charged Nu Mou. After meeting the charming moogle Montblanc you decide the best thing to do is to start your very own clan.

You start off with six diverse members of various races and “jobs”. Each job corresponds to the race’s specialties for example, The dexterous Viera have access to light magick and combat as well as advanced bow-and-arrow type jobs, while the brutish Bangaa are more fit to be sword-and-shield fighing types and brass knuckle wielding monks. Not all races are always typecast though, as Bangaa may become the spell casting Bishop class and the tiny moogles may become the iron-clad, sword-swinging Moogle knight.Each class learns certain abilities depending on the weapon and or other equipment your clan members may have equipped. As they master new abilities, they gain access to more advanced jobs. A certain amount of Thief abilities mastered by a human will grant them access to the Ninja job, while a Nu Mou who masters White Mage and Black Mage abilities may become a Time Mage.

By …

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9.0Fable 2Playing Fable 2 for the first time was long and tough, having a long story whilst having so much land and forest to explore. I must say I didnt know where to start. But when the game did start, it didnt seem much of an RPG at first as youre with your ‘sister’ and there is a set storyline. Of course though, to get a 9 out of 10 from me, there has to be something amazing about it, purely the fact that, personally I don’t know a game like Fable, where you can literally do as you wish.

The only thing that annoys me with fable 2 is the camera, I’m still struggling to get used to the camera angling whilst in combat and running. The graphics in my opinion are great, alot of detail with characters and destinations (scenery and doors have alot of detail.)

The other great thing about the game is the fact that even though youre supposed to be a hero and do everything well in the game, you can go off the rails and do things the way you want to. You can choose to sacrifice your town and be rich, living in a castle.

You have one loyal companion in the game ; your dog, and after going through most of the main quest with him, he dies. You do get to sacrifice wealth and that big castle for the sake of your family, friends and you dog.

Overall, Fable 2 is worth every penny, even the annoying bits, you’re able to forget how annoying they are due to the fact that the game is so good.
And even better..Only out on 360 :)Miss_Emmy2008-12-26…

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8.0Assassin’s CreedEver wondered what life was like in the medieval 12th Century world? As an assassin? Who can kill any enemy, scale any building and then jump off it and land in safety in ways that make it look like your not even breaking into a sweat? These are questions that the Xbox 360 game Assassin’s Creed emphatically answers.

In Assassin’s Creed you play an American bartender named Desmond Miles who is kidnapped by a large company who use you to access previous worlds through a time trial device called the ‘Animus.’ Desmond Miles is selected because he has ancestral links to Altair, a 12th Century assassin living through the Third Crusade in the Arabic Holy Lands. It is this plot confusion that probably lets down Assassins Creed the most, and the fact that a small part of the game is played out as Desmond walking around a building looking for clues about what is going on does detract from the immense experience as Altair in the historic cities of Arabia, but that is one of its only real faults.
The ‘Animus’ stimulate Desmond’s ancestor’s memories and take you to the Holy Land to explore and roam as Altair. The gameplay links to this notion by glitches that occur supposedly representing past memory but the whole time travel notion feels just a little far-fetched.

Your method of travel in this ancient world is horseback and it works really well. You ride along from city to city surrounded by beautifully structured environments that really promote Assassin’s Creed as a next generation game.
Assassins Creed is a graphical achievement in itself. There is an organic feel to the environments that neatly represent the time period. The cities Altair explores are all created to a level of detail unparalleled by most on the …

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